That time I went on a friend’s podcast and talked about “host”

Lisa Rufus

My dear friend Damo DM’d me last year to ask if I would go on his brand new podcast, Camp Scary and Squee, to talk about a horror film. I said I’d love to, despite the lack of an Oxford comma in his title. We did our masters degrees at the same time and he’s a huge horror nerd. He also has the perfect voice for a podcast.

As you can see, it took me a whole two minutes to pick Host. I’m pretty sure you can still get a free trial for Shudder.

I could go on about the film here but I’d love for you to listen to the episode to experience the joy of me saying “YES” over and over again. Turn it into a drinking game if you must.

Be sure to check out Damo’s other episodes while you’re there and SMASH that subscribe…

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By Damien J O'Meara

Damien J O'Meara is an academic, communications strategist and professional writer. He is currently completing a PhD in LGBTIQ+ representation on Australian screen at Swinburne University of Technology

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