I’ve passed the first milestone: officially a PhD Candidate

In what is some wonderful personal news, today I passed my Confirmation of Candidature, which is the first major milestone of my PhD. Confirmation determines that there is a strong likelihood that this research will be significant and high quality enough to warrant moving forward. Confirmation is also the point that I transition from being a provisional candidate to a candidate. As such, I’ll be having a glass of bubbles tonight to celebrate.

While not about me personally, my PhD research proposal, ‘Queering Australian screens’ is deeply personal. I am exploring queer representation on Australian television and how queer characters make it on our screens.

So, what’s next for my PhD?

Well, this is where the work really begins. With confirmation, I’m officially a PhD Candidate and able to start collecting my own data.

There are some university processes I have to complete (ethics approval, anyone?) and then I’ll start interviews *nervous squeal*.

I can’t wait to tell you how it goes!

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