Episode 9: Gremlins 2: The new batch (1990)

Gremlins 2

Here they grow again


“Fred, what we want is, I think, what everyone wants, and what you and your viewers have: civilization.”

Gremlins 2: Here they grow again (1990) might not be the comedy-horror sequel to break the mould, bit it certainly was the one to become a cult-classic. Where else can you see the high-camp of hundreds of gremlins singing New York, New York?

Damien O’Meara (@damoo_la) and his mate Chris (@sumo_21) talk about the film that dared to parody Trump before SNL and the problematic nature of the 90s. Perhaps we realise that Gremlins 2 was more prescient than we thought as we compare it to our own experiences on the corporate laddr

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Movies mentioned in this episode:

  • The Burbs
  • Gremlins

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