Episode 3: Scream (1996)

“What’s your favourite scary movie?”

You know that feeling when you love a movie, and you find out your friend has never seen it? The level of anxiety and anticipation as you get them to watch it for the first time, praying that they love it.

Well, Link has never seen Scream (1996)! And continuing our theme of love letters to the horror genre, it seemed like the perfect film to introduce him to the genre. Will he love it? Or will I be bitterly disappointed?

Damien O’Meara is joined by Lincoln Law to find out if Scream (1996) really is that good, or perhaps teenage Damo has blinded grown-up Damo to what this really is. Does it hold up?

You can hear more fabulous quips from Link on Twitter: @Link_Law.

Podcast Mascot Stella the Staffy makes a noisy appearance towards the end.

Movies and television shows named in this episode:

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Introduction music from the Youtube Audio LibraryGroove Tube by Audio Hertz

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