Coronavirus Murderous Attack

Listen to Lowbrow Lowdown’s latest episode reviewing Michael Koglin’s Coronavirus Murderous Attack.

Natasha and Damien dive into the crime(?)/thriller(?) and honestly become a bit delirious. Michael Koglin’s Coronavirus Murderous Attack moves so fast you can barely follow, punctuated with painfully detailed Wikipedia entries on the history and architecture of Barcelona and Hamburg. I know I would become a spy if my boyfriend broke up with me and the only reason could be… espionage.

Join Natasha and Damien for wheeze-laughing that requires medical attention.

Rating out of five masks:

Natasha: 😷😷

Damien: 😷😷 (and a half)

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Episode 4: Host (2020)

“What if we’re not lucky?”

For many years I was the friend who loved horror, but then I met someone who loved horror even more than me!

Damien O’Meara is joined by Horror Maven, Lisa Rufus to talk all about Host (2020). This is going to ruin Zoom meetings for work on Monday.

While 2020 has delivered its fair share of crappy times, Director, Rob Savage found a great opportunity, a 56 minute long horror movie, filmed over Zoom… Host (2020) is a beacon of innovation and terror that we needed to survive this bleak excuse for a year.

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