Camp Scary and Squee

A horror podcast

Do you like scary movies? Well good news, because “they’re heeere” with this horror-loving podcast, produced in Melbourne, Australia and with guests from around the world.

Your host, Damien O’Meara is joined each week by a guest who brings a horror movie for discussion, dissection and classification on the Camp-Scary scale (divine camp to pure terror).

Along the way we talk about what we love, what we hate and why horror is the way it is. The horror podcast is peppered with a light touch of film theory, film history and celebration and critical discussion of the genre that makes us hug ourselves even tighter.

Turn off the lights and pour a wine, it’s time to get scared… And remember, don’t scream! They’ll hear you…

The Camp-Scary Scale

1) Divine camp

2) Predominantly camp and just incidentally scary

3) Predominantly camp though more than incidentally scary

4) Equally camp and scary

5) Predominantly scary though more than incidentally camp

6) Predominately scary and just incidentally camp

7) Pure terror

What People Say

Horror movies are a delight, and this podcast offers fun, friendly and accessible film analysis through a queer lens. I’ll now measure every spooky movie on the scale of divine camp to pure terror! ❤️

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