Taking a holiday

I’m not someone who switches off very often. I’ve always got a few projects going on, and I’m always thinking about my goals for the future.

I’m just not good at switching off my brain.

But, after going pretty hard at my new job (in fact both my new jobs) for the past six months, I took two weeks off and jetted off to Japan – and not a minute too soon!

Walking the Inari Shrine with my husband.

After two weeks with lots of walking, sight-seeing, a few hikes, long train rides, and so much food and drink, I feel like a new person. I’m refreshed.

Most importantly, I’ve taken some distance from my writing, my planning for my future studies and my work. This has given my mind space to evolve in my approach to all of my goals and I’ve already got new ideas, new areas to look into and I’m thinking in ways that I don’t think would have been possible without some time out.

Remember to take time out. I’m terrible at it, but every time I do take a break, I feel invigorated and have a renewed excitement for all of my projects.

When is your next break? How will you switch off?

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