Missing my own deadline

I’ve been having a bit too much fun over the week.

Okay, not fun like that…

I’ve had a great week of writing, I’ve finished a piece that I’m going to submit to a short story magazine (fingers crossed!). I’ve added a few thousand words to my long-term project (#SnackWriting), and I’ve continued discussions with universities about a potential PhD.

Things are going great with my current work contract, and I’m having wins all round.

I’m also enjoying my work as a tutor, getting my students set for their final week of the summer teaching period. Final assignments are due, and there’ll be one more round of marking before a chance to wind down and relax over the weekend.

Things are going so well, in fact, that I missed my self-imposed deadline to post on here every week.

It can be so easy to forget this commitment when things are going well. But, it’s when you are in a good space that it is important to reinforce these habits.

So I might be late, but here I am keeping to my commitment.

Here’s to another successful week.

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