Writing on the move

Travel can be a big excuse for why I’m not writing. Whether it is a road trip, or an international flight, travel is one of those things that can both help and hinder your writing.

Airports are loud, full of distractions and you’ve probably got a travel companion who wants to have a chat. All that noise, stress and distraction can be exhausting.

And then when you arrive at your destination the last thing you want to do is sit down and smash out a thousand words.

This is the perfect time for some snack writing. And this is especially important after having setbacks last week. By not letting travel be another setback I’m breaking that cycle and making sure I progress my writing, even if it’s at a slow pace.

With such a busy couple of weeks coming up, I’m not able to enjoy binge writing at the moment. So maintaining that snack writing regime is essential.

So I’ve been devoting my time in the terminal to a few 20 minute increments, to make sure I hit the mark and keep progressing the story.

Keep writing everyone!

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