#DearPM: Marriage Equality (6 of 30)

It’s Sunday!

I love Sundays, they are days for studying, or binge-watching Stranger Things and being scared of what is coming from the upside-down! Also, I went out for a coffee and posted letter number six.


You can’t see it on my face, but I’m listening to Hamilton in this photo. There’s something powerful in words, as any fan of Hamilton (or American history) would know.

Today’s submissions, and there are two of them, come from people I met through university. Cath Clover and Amanda Pearson, both a fabulous writers and and artists and have eloquently argued their points in concise ways. Both also call for a fair-go, I think we all agree that remains a fundamentally Australian concept.

So keep up the call for what’s fair, and let’s keep pushing for a free vote in parliament.

I still need submissions to get me to the end, email them to damien@djomeara.com.

Take care,

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

20 November 2016

#DearPM: Marriage Equality (6 of 30)

To the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP,

It’s Sunday. Sundays are special days for me. Because my husband works on a Sunday, I use the day to study, and write, and think about my life. I decided to do this project on a Sunday. This is also the perfect day to include some of the shorter submissions that I have received.

The interesting part of this project, so far, has been the variety of pro-marriage equality submissions that I have received, and that you will continue to see over the coming 20-something days. Some responses are full of fiery passion, while some a careful, with every word thought about. Every approach seems to come from the same place, one of fairness. And, fairness is a good theme for today.

Fundamentally, getting marriage equality through is about a fair go for all Australians. But also, an equal choice to reject the union, if they so wish. That’s the thing that’s most galling: even if I didn’t want to get married (or have my marriage recognised here, as is the case), the choice has been taken away from me. And that’s just not fair.

These shorter submissions are from some fabulous and passionate straight allies. They are smart and hardworking people who are interested in fairness for everyone:

“As your straight ally, I would love the PM to tell me why my gay step-sister doesn’t have the same rights as I have. Why does she have to fight for her partner to have her super / estate when she dies? Why can’t she and her partner be treated the same in the law as the rest of us. It’s like discriminating against somebody because they’re left handed (Oh yea, that used to be beaten out of people too). It’s just not fair.”

Amanda Pearson, Victoria


“I am a straight ally to use your terminology. My reason for supporting marriage equality is because I am pro-choice: everyone should have the chance to marry if they wish to, no matter what. The option to marry should not be for one section of society only, it should be inclusive for all. While my personal views on the institution of marriage may be mixed, it is choice that is the issue here. This is why I support marriage equality.

I agree that a free vote is the answer rather than a referendum or plebiscite and we only need to look at the horrors of Brexit to see the problems with that format.”

Cath Clover, Victoria

With these comments in mind, I would like to know answers to the following question:

  • What advice have you received form the Minister for Education and Training, on the positive impact of the affirmation of marriage equality on the culture of educational institutions to be more welcoming to LGBTI people?

This is my sixth letter in a series calling for a free vote on marriage equality in the parliament, and in your current term. A free vote is the correct way to legislate for marriage equality. You could allow this to happen today.

Yours sincerely,

Damien O’Meara


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